CakePHP 3.2.10

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CakePHP 3.2.10:
Since years, #Cakephp is considered as one of the easiest, quick and simplest ways to create absolutely amazing #webapplications with less #code usage as compared to other #frameworks. It is the modern framework of #corePHP used by millions of web developers all around the world. This framework of php 5.5+ supports a strong scaffolding system and provides you the opportunity to avail flexible #database access layer that, together, makes it easier and simpler to build both simple and intricate systems. We have been gone through the magical experience of using #CakePhp3.2.10, a recently announced version of cakephp that offers you to make your web development experience even more wonderful.
This new version is basically advancement in the existing version i.e.3.2. Since there were a few errors in the previous version, the cakephp core team came up with this all new version with all the bugs fixed along with few nominal features.
Error Fixation:
• The #insert() query, when called several times, will now reorganize the columns
• The enforcement of rules of new entities with no dirty field is void in the #ExistIn rule.
• #Requests for the nested URLs will now be tackled more suitably
• With #FormerHelper, Calling an end() will now reset the unlocked fields
• #RequestHandler does not overwrites response content-types without parsed extensions
• More secure modes have been introduced for the #redombytes() to react evenly.
• The #IsUnique rule dismisses the equality of null values for unique checks
• #Subdirectories() are added
• The error pages of #MissingTemplate and #MissingAction are now attuned with bugs by the mailers

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