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More about #Swift and #Swift3 !
It has been over two years since #Apple came up with launching a novel innovation in the form of #Swift. We cannot deny to the confusions we had regarding whether it would meet our requirements or not but then after reviewing and trying its strong #features we realized that it is no less than a magnum opus for the #developers. With swift, the #codes became much simple and sparkling with negligible infusion of bugs.
Swift is basically the result of amalgamating paramount features of the mostly used languages including #C++, #Python, #Objective-C and #C. Many versions of swift have been launched up till now. Talking about the most recent release of Swift 3.0, it has been considered as one of the most stable version with premium features and is adapted by developers worldwide.
A lot of features, syntactic enhancements have been added to make Swift 3.0 valid and worth to use release. In the form of Swift 3.0, Apple has provided a suite of #APIPrinciples to the developers for writing #swiftCode correctly.
Given below are some of the enhancements made to Swift and named as Swift 3.0.
• Implementing API principles to the Standard #Library
• Removal of typical For loops in C-Style with increments and conditions
• #API design standards
• Enhancement of Swift’s Debugging identifier
• Eliminating “var” from function Parameters and also removal of increment and decrement operators
• Improved translation of Objective-C APIs into Swift
• Declaring variables in “case” labels with various #prototypes
• Clarifying communication between operators and comments
• Enhancing playground Literals
• Testing has been made more accurate
• A new model for indices and collections
• Package manager command names

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