Mobile App Development and Its Nuances

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October 27, 2023

Mobile applications refer to the applications which we use daily on our smartphones, tablets, and other portable digital devices. Similarly, the process of building these applications is known as mobile application development. Two main operating systems are catered to in terms of mobile application development, which are iOS and Android. Building applications for these two operating systems is not that simple, as many different devices use these operating systems. When developing either an Android app or an iOS app the mobile app developers need to make sure that the application will be supported on the majority of the devices that run these OS, if not all the devices.

How Is Mobile App Development Different

There is a fundamental difference between mobile app development, and web development is that mobile app developers look to make use of the native features that are present on smartphones and other devices, which is something that is not focused on when developing web applications. There are multiple features like GPS, Bluetooth, microphones, different display functions like the dynamic Island on the newer Apple phones, and the different flip and folding Android phones that are now present, all these differences in the mobile devices need to be taken into account when developing a mobile application. Further, sometimes there needs to be integration of other mobile apps as well such as Google Maps, and Apple Maps depending upon the nature of your application, often applications related to delivery services would require map integrations. This need to integrate different features and different applications is what makes mobile application development unique, and different from web development.

Furthermore, when carrying out application development for mobile devices, developers need to understand what they want to achieve with their application, and which features of different devices are they looking to leverage to make their application different from the competition.

Our Portfolio of Mobile Applications

ILSA Interactive has been a part of many different projects that have had both iOS apps and Android apps, where we utilized the different capabilities of both operating systems, along with the different innovative features of the devices themselves. Even within mobile applications, we have worked on many different verticals, such as fantasy sports, social networking, travel and health & fitness. This experience of working on different verticals has given us the necessary knowledge to be able to tackle anything within the realm of mobile app development. Our mobile app developers have been able to develop innovative applications such as Owlmi, Fansplace, and BevIQ.


OWLMI is a social networking app that looks to change the way users think about social networking apps. The platform looks to bring users closer to celebrities and industry-leading professionals. OWLMI further allows its users to be able to learn from these individuals, creating an environment where knowledge is shared.

The Fan’s Place:

We have also recently had the opportunity to work on a project that looks to change the way fans enjoy fantasy sports. Fansplace is a revolutionary way to enjoy fantasy sports, a free-to-play sports predictor app rewarding fans for playing and making sports more enjoyable. With two unique ways to play which revolve around game predictions, it looks to bring new experiences for users changing the way fans watch sports.


ILSA Interactive has also been involved in building applications that will cater to inventory management in the form of BevIQ. This is an inventory management software that will cater to the beverage industry specifically, the application is packed full of features that allow the users to increase the overall efficiency of their business.

In terms of developing mobile applications ILSA Interactive is well versed, our versatile experience of developing applications for both iOS and Android, along with being able to develop applications for various industries is what sets us apart from others in this space.