“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

At Ilsa Interactive, success is not just completing a project. Rather, we count client satisfaction, employee motivation, and team collaboration as our success. Our goal is to deliver high-quality services to our clients. There are two components of reaching high-value results. One part is the internal side of it and for us, it means building trust and accountability in our teams and empowering them to make on-the-spot decisions. The other part is external where we strive to earn our clients’ trust.

There are some basic requirements for reaching excellence. We deliver on time and within budget. Above all, we push ourselves so that we can exceed the client’s expectations. Our software development process is based on constant improvement. Aligning our company goals and the process in which we reach them is our road map to success.


We encourage everyone on the team to share their opinions and creative ideas in order to reach maximum potential. Our designers bring their creative minds to the table and come up with unique and intuitive ideas for the design. However, our engineers are also part of the initial brainstorming sessions while designers are a part of the final development stages.

The work done before the project acts as a foundation for designing quality products. Each project starts at Sprint 0 with product and client research, a meaningful client kickoff, and a comprehensive product definition. Design and development does not begin until we have a clear understanding, definition, and roadmap of the task at hand.


Once we identify a valuable project opportunity, the sales team initiates the LOE process along with representation from client services, design, and engineering. This is a combined effort between the sales and production teams. It enables them to understand, identify, and define the effort necessary to complete a project.

The proposal helps us pitch our software development services to a client. We let them know an estimated evaluation of the team, time, and cost required to accomplish their goals. The sales team works with team leads to determine the proper approach to each potential deal.


The statement of work (SOW) is the legal contract between Ilsa Interactive and the client. It also includes the duration of the contract, payment terms, cost, and assumptions, to boundaries for the work.

In the internal kickoff stage, the project team begins learning all the relevant details. This meeting lays the foundation for the entire project.


The project manager and team leads define the project, detailing roles and responsibilities. The next stage is to create a comprehensive project plan to review with the in-house team and the client. Therefore the project plan acts as a guideline for the internal team and client regarding the project.

In the research phase, our complete focus is to learn and understand the project requirements, using any tools and information at their disposal. Furthermore, the team ensures they fully understand the goals of both the client and our company to ensure approval.


Nearly all projects consist of five types of production stages: wireframes, visual design, production art, development, and quality assurance. Throughout our software development process, we ensure that our client is involved with the progress at all stages. It is important for us to ensure client approval at every stage.

Once the build is submitted to the client and released to production. QA goes through another product release test plan to ensure that no new bugs were introduced during the release process.


We take full responsibility of our process and our team commits to maintaining the tools we create to ensure quality after launch. This is done through a warranty period, outlined in the SOW. When a perceived bug is discovered in this period, the project manager transfers it to QA, who determines if the bug is covered under the warranty. If it’s deemed to be covered, QA creates a task for the development team to address.

We aim to provide quality services and ensure client satisfaction. Ilsa Interaction believes in innovation and constant improvement. To get a better understanding of our software house, check out our recipe of success.

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