BevIQ: Inventory Management
Tailored for the Beverage Industry

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‘Inventory management is not just about counting products; it’s about managing the flow of goods and information’. Douglas M lambart

BevIQ is being developed to become the only inventory management application that will be specifically tailored for the beverage industry. There are a few different features that will allow distributors to improve the efficiency of their inventory management, some of the key features being the ability to place orders, monitor inventory, and access to sales data. The vision with BevIQ is to create an application that will help distributors be able to streamline all their distribution, and inventory management operations. Along with this BevIQ will incorporate analytical features that allow users to use it as an inventory management software. ILSA Interactive’s experienced team of web developers used their knowledge of developing custom inventory management software, to develop BevIQ to become a single solution to inventory management and analytics for beverage distributors. With the use of BevIQ, we hope that the users will able to improve their decision-making, efficiency, stock planning, and other of their business.

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