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The Fan’s Place: A New Way to Enjoy Fantasy Sports

There are many fantasy sports websites, but none are engaging or innovative. Fans Place looks to become the best fantasy sports app. Fans place a free-to-play sports prediction app emerged from the idea to create a space that could allow for everyone involved to win, making it possible for small businesses and fans to both be more engaged with each other and to create a winning environment for all parties involved. Fans Place being a free fantasy earning app has two games that users can play revolving around game predictions each giving users different rewards. The first one is ‘beat the streak’, in which users are required to make game predictions every day and each correct prediction would give them one point, if a user manages to gain ten points they will earn a reward. The second game is ‘pick to win’ this is a bit different from beating the streak, as it requires users to check in at their local sports bars and compete against others who are playing the game; users make game predictions for whatever sporting event is going on, and once the users answer twelve regular questions along with a tie-breaker, each player will receive a reward from their local sports bar based on where they finished in the standings.

Fan place project featured image
Fan place project featured image