Lightning Stores Lightning Stores

A Smart E-Commerce Lighting Store Dealing with AI-Powered Warehouse Management.

Lighting Stores is a Ecommerce platform that ILSA Interactive developed. The goal that our client had, was to provide lighting solutions that are new and industry leading. This will insure that there is the perfect lighting for each and every situation; Lighting Stores wants users to have the best fixtures available on the market. Without the limitations of conventional lighting stores like the amount of lighting solutions that can be on display. Lighting Stores has a custom built efficient warehouse management solution, which was developed by our experienced Ecommerce website developers. As a leading Web development company we believe that our experienced web developers have the necessary knowledge to implement the newest technologies into our projects, like how AI based recommendation engines were integrated into lighting stores. Using the experience that we have of building ecommerce sites we can provide you all the Web development services that you will need.

Technologies Used

  • Laravel


  • Aws


  • Next Js

    Next Js

  • Node Js

    Node Js

  • Python


  • React Js

    React Js