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Race to Freedom an Innovative E-learning Platform That Fosters a Community

Race to Freedom is a brand new take on the concept of e learning platforms. This new online learning platform looks to bring a fresh take to teaching, offering a variety of specialized courses such as Enagic, Trifecta, Core Rank, Advisor, and Active Recruiter Courses. The key feature that sets Race to Freedom apart from other online learning platforms is that it was developed with an approach to foster more engagement between instructors and trainees, incorporating live calls and chat support, allowing trainees to reach their instructors and go over their thoughts and issues at any time. Furthermore, the platform looks to provide incentives to the trainees for progression through their respective courses, such as unlocking more advanced courses as they progress. Race to Freedom also provides its members with the opportunity to engage with the whole Race to Freedom community through its Facebook groups, creating a community where individuals can share knowledge and build connections. ILSA Interactive and its team of custom web application developers take great pride in working on such innovative projects. With our experience in custom web design, we were able to bring the concept of Race to Freedom to fruition.

Technologies Used

  • Python


  • React Js

    React Js

  • Next Js

    Next Js

  • Node Js

    Node Js

  • Laravel


  • Aws