Raziel Raziel

Raziel: Your Comprehensive Investment Tracker and Management Platform

Raziel is the ultimate investment tracking platform, offering a centralized investment management dashboard for effective asset management. With their advanced asset management software, you can effortlessly track and monitor your investments across various asset classes, including private companies, cryptocurrency, and real estate. Experience the power of Raziel's investment management software, providing accurate insights into your investment portfolio. Their investment tracking platform automatically syncs with your investment accounts, providing real-time updates and a comprehensive view of your net worth.
Maximize your investment strategies with Raziel's investment portfolio management software. Analyze your transactions, optimize taxes, and gain a clear understanding of your cash flow. We have developed Raziel as a web application with sophisticated tools which ensures you make informed financial decisions. Streamline your investment operations with Raziel's inventory manager software. Easily organize and access important investor documents and receive timely updates, all from one centralized location. The asset management software tools that we have embedded will simplify your investment journey. Stay ahead in the crypto market with Raziel's dedicated crypto investment tracker. Monitor cryptocurrency performance and seamlessly integrate it into your overall investment strategy.
Raziel is the investment tracker portal you've been searching for. Take control of your financial future with their user-friendly platform, that we have designed to optimize your investment management. Unlock the full potential of your investments with Raziel's investment tracking platform.

Technologies Used

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  • Laravel


  • Node Js

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  • Next Js

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  • React Js

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  • Python