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EV DockStation; An EV Charger App Looking to Grow the EV Community

EV DockStation is an EV charger app; the app looks to make the life of EV owners a bit easier in terms of planning where and when to charge their electric vehicles. In terms of owning an EV the most stressful part is when you are traveling and you don’t know where to go to charge your vehicle. This is the problem that EV DockStation looks to solve by being an EV charging station locator that guides the users to where they need to go. EV DockStation is a charging station locator that caters to all types of EVs not only cars but also electric bikes and trikes, making it an application that is useful for all EV owners. In terms of the charging station operators, the application provides them an opportunity to highlight their stations and increase the traffic to their stations.

EV dock station project featured image
EV dock station project featured image