EV: The Green Road Ahead

September 15, 2023

Software Development

As the issue of climate change continues to grow, along with the ever increasing fuel prices hanging over the heads of the majority of vehicle owners across the world, the idea of owning an electric vehicle becomes more enticing for people and the benefits of EVs continues to grow. This increasing demand for owning an electric vehicle means that the industry needs to continue to grow, and some need to grow faster than they currently are to meet this demand and sustain the industry. Similarly the software in EVs needs to continuously grow and improve and the software development in EV projects needs to continuously improve. Further looking into EVs, we can see that there is more than one type of EV. When thinking of an electric vehicle, we often jump to fully electric vehicles; we don’t think about the other two, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. These two are as much an EV as an electric vehicle that has no combustion components. A hybrid is a vehicle that utilizes both a battery and a combustion engine to power it. There are many different variations of hybrids, each with different configurations regarding how the battery works in parallel with the combustion engine. When it comes to the plug-in hybrids, these are hybrid vehicles that have charging ports similar to those of fully electric vehicles and can utilize charging stations or charge at home. These are different from the standard hybrid vehicles mainly because of their ability utilize electric vehicle charging services similar to fully electric vehicles; the standard hybrid does not have this ability; the battery on those hybrids is charged by the combustion engine and regenerative braking, depending on the vehicle.

Now, talking about a fully electric vehicle, it is more than just its battery and the motors that run it; the whole machine is more intricate than just those two components. These highly technological machines require software systems that help run them. The quality of an EV is intertwined with its software systems as much as it is with the quality of batteries, motors, and other components.

The Role of Software Within the World of EVs

Further talking about the software in EVs, we need to understand that this software is responsible for the majority of the fundamental functions of the EV. The software in EVs is responsible for many important tasks, such as managing and monitoring the battery, monitoring the motor, and making sure other features work properly, such as the regenerative breaking system. The software is also how you are able to know key information regarding your EV, such as your range. There are also many other applications that complement and enhance the experience of owning an EV. There are applications that can help you plan your trips by highlighting where electric vehicle charging services are available, and also showing you the distance between charging stations. Some of these apps can also help you track when you should take the EV in for routine maintenance.

There are also many software programs that are helping to continuously improve EVs and the EV mobile apps for just the average driver. Software such as self-driving software is one of these that are helping improve and grow EVs. We know that the market leaders in the space all have different levels of autonomous driving that are built into their vehicles. This is helping improve the autonomous driving software and systems as a whole. There is also some software that can help businesses track their fleet of EVs that they use or provide to their customers. This fleet management software can link each EV to the entire fleet, giving the organization the ability to track essential information about the vehicles, such as the location and safety of the vehicle, regular updates on the charging that is being done for each vehicle, and maintenance records of the whole fleet. This is an essential tool to help an organization manage their EV fleet and to ensure that all vehicles are being properly looked after and monitored for safety reasons at all times.

Cutting edge software is also being developed to aid in the testing and improvements of many of the components that are used within an EV. One such piece of software is digital twins, which basically replicates an EV into a virtual twin of itself. This software is used to understand and run simulations of how the different components of the EV work together. The main aim of this type of software is to reduce the costs of having to run physical tests that take up many resources.

Why Does Technology Go Hand in Hand With the EV Market?

Looking at an EV, it is safe to say that the vehicle is as much a piece of technology as it is a motor vehicle. We can definitely say that tech and EVs have now become intertwined, as an improvement in tech helps the EV growth, and vice versa. These vehicles are packed with so much of the leading tech that is available right now, such as cameras, motion tracking sensors, radars, and software that allows the vehicle to drive and adapt to traffic, and even brake in emergencies if you cannot. All this technology and software packed within these vehicles is an opportunity for tech companies to develop software and products that can either directly be used in these vehicles or be made to complement them. The continuous adoption of EVs is going to be something that will help improve technology as a whole, mainly because whatever is implemented within them will be tested and used to the point where there will be the opportunity to develop the best version possible.

To summarize, EVs are more than just a means of transport; they are the culmination of all the advancements that have been made in the world of technology, and in the world of transportation. They have created an opportunity for both industries to combine and create something that is a true image of the growth and development that each industry has managed to create.

At ILSA Interactive, we firmly believe that the EV market presents significant opportunities for software development companies worldwide. Numerous organizations, including ours, possess the capabilities to create applications and software that outshine the electric vehicle ownership experience. In addition to the benefits of electric vehicles on the environment, we are deeply enthusiastic about our potential to make meaningful contributions to this thriving industry.

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