Networking Apps: The Digital Pathway to Connections and Success

August 4, 2023

App Development

In the contemporary landscape a profound shift towards the digital realm is evident as nearly everything has shifted online. Daily activities have also made a place in the digital world in the form of networking apps. Networking apps are becoming more significant in our lives, as they allow us to connect with others, share ideas, and find common interests with others, both as professionals and individuals.

The Basics

The best networking apps offer an array of functions, the establishment of valuable connections with other professionals or organizations, or the promotion of your business. Networking apps and traditional methods of networking do the same function of cultivating and managing relationships, but due to the lack of limitations networking apps are taking over.

What’s The Benefit?

Networking apps have massive growth opportunities for individuals in personal and professional settings. Allowing people to connect with those of similar interests or connect with family and friends. They allow you to grow your professional network providing the opportunity to connect with individuals worldwide. Providing opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs.

What We’ve Built

We have had the opportunity to develop several networking apps, each with their own unique features that make them stand out..


LawFlip is a networking app that was developed to be a secure platform that allows attorneys to network, gain high-quality leads and provide referrals. We developed the platform with attorney-to-attorney networking in mind, making it intuitive for attorneys, allowing for a more productive experience. The app makes it easy for attorneys to find and refer their clients to an attorney that best suits them.


Athlead is one of the social networking apps we have developed. It focuses on training athletes, providing them with a platform where they can get coaching for specific sports, nutritional plans, strength training, and injury prevention. The platform has been specifically designed to be a one stop shop for all your fitness needs, giving you access to the knowledge that the coaches have.


Circl is one of the social networking apps which we developed, allowing users to book appointments with wellness professionals, online or in person. The platform allows you to book sessions through the app’s built-in calendar and make secure payments for your appointments. The platform gives you a variety of professionals, such as fitness coaches and nutritionists.


OWLMI is a networking app that has been developed to give users a platform where they can connect and learn from influencers and build their skills and knowledge. With OWLMI we created a networking app that is instinctive for the users, allowing them to build themselves.


Directoo is a versatile social networking app that we have developed. The platform provides influencer a space where they can earn using their online presence. Also allowing other users to the opportunity to explore content, be able to reach out and connect with their favorite influencers. The experience of Directooo is unique from other social networking apps because of the different features that it has, such as exclusive content, and special requests, providing a more immersive experience for users.

Looking at our portfolio of networking apps that we developed, we know that we can provide custom app development that would be unique to the requirements and specifications of our clients. Having expertise in both android app development, and ios mobile app development we can build you the perfect networking app for your needs regardless of the platform.

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